Brembo: Brake Discs, Pads, Pumps, and Calipers for Street and Racing Motorcycles

Brembo is a world leader in motorcycle street and racing braking systems, offering a complete catalog of calipers, brake discs, and pads. Each Brembo component is designed to ensure maximum performance, safety, and durability. If you want to improve your motorcycle's braking, Brembo products are the ideal choice. Discover the Genial Motor catalog and buy Brembo accessories now for a safe and high-performance ride.

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Brembo Strada Brake Pads and Discs for Motorcycles

Founded a few kilometers from Bergamo in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, Brembo over time has become a world leader in brake system manufacturing, both for motorcycles and scooters and for automobiles.

In fact, its history began in the automotive sector with Alfa Romeo and Pirelli, supported by product quality, expertise, and specialization.

Subsequently, production expanded to other brake system components, becoming recognized and appreciated worldwide. In 1975, Brembo brake discs entered motorsport, supplying products to Ferrari in F1 and MV Agusta in the MotoGP.

Brembo Strada Brake Discs for Motorcycles Online at Genial Motor

One of the secrets that has allowed Brembo brakes to achieve enormous success is primarily due to the continuous research and development carried out by all the technicians and engineers who study new solutions every day to create high-quality products.

Those who own a motorcycle or scooter know that their vehicle requires a lot of care and attention to ensure safe riding at all times. In particular, the braking system is constantly under stress, wearing out over time.

In addition to timely replacement, it is important to choose brake pads that fit perfectly with your motorcycle. Genial Motor offers the best brake discs and front brake pads to ensure maximum reliability for your motorcycle.


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