Unibat Lithium Battery Ult2 300a For Yamaha Vmx V-max 2009 > 2016 Ytz14s

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Unibat Lithium Battery ULT2 300A for YAMAHA VMX V-MAX 2009 > 2016 YTZ14S

Product code ULT2

Replaces battery YTZ14S

  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Model: VMX V-MAX
  • Engine capacity: 1700
  • Years: 2009 > 2016
  • Cranking power A/EN: 300 (Ampere)

  • Capacity AH (20hr): 5

  • Voltage: 12 V

  • Weight: 0.8 Kg

  • Size (millimeter): 150 x 65 x 93

Over charge and over discharge protection.

Charge and discharge Over temperature protection.

Excellent cycle life: more than 2000 cycles.

Super cranking capacity - Long capacity retention.

Lower self discharge - longer shelf life.

Up to 75% lighter.

Up to 3 times more durable than traditional batteries.

Respects environment, does not pollute.

UNIBAT Lithium batteries are three times lighter than lead ones but they can guarantee surprisingly superior performances with highly reduced measurements.
High versatilityis given by presence of four poles (reinforced and more thick), which guarantee a strong resistance to vibrations and easy installation of the battery without having to interfere with electric cables or having problems with positioning.
A modular spacers kit is provided with every model, to ease matching the standard battery measurements.
Power gives possibility to erogate strong crancking currents permitting secure and repeated starts even at low temperatures (a weak point of lead batteries).
it can also resist to long inoperative periods (over a year). Recharge time is really short, only 6 minutes for 90% charge.
Batteries are equipped with BMS device (Battery Management System) which controls overcharge and overdischarge over than temperature of the cells.
2 years warranty and 5 years estimated lifetime thanks to over 2000 charge cycles in JISD standards against the 150-300 of leaded batteries.
UNIBAT batteries do not contain acid of heay metals, assuring low environmental impact.
Are these reasons sufficient to choose UNIBAT?

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