Air Filter P08 Sprintfilter Pm112s For Honda Vfr 800 1998 > 2015

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Product Code: PM112S
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Air Filter P08 SprintFilter PM112S for Honda Vfr 800 1998 > 2015

Product code: PM112S

  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: Vfr
  • CC: 800
  • Years: 1998 > 2015
  • Air filter: P08
    Polyester single layer for road and race use, allow a high air flow of 5000 l./m²sec
Filtering grade 80micron, guaranteed air flow 5000 l./m²sec: these values make P08 a veri versatile and efficient filter, made for everyday road use but with accentuated performance attitude: benchmarks for a 4 cylinders 1000cc without any ECU remapping unvealed a gain of 2.5HP in the middle of erogation curve. they are available for a wide range of vehicles, both motorcycles and scooters.Air Filter P08 SprintFilter PM112S for Honda Vfr 800 1998 > 2015The air filters on one side must ensure good air flow, on the other they must provide filtration to prevent significant particles from falling into the cylinders. The two operations are antagonistic to each other, and the air filter will be better when it optimizes these functions. The standard bikes are normally equipped with paper filters, while for sports filters the usual solution was to use cotton soaked in oil. SPRINT FILTER, with the adoption of polyester filtering fabric, takes a leap forward and makes all previous systems obsolete.

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