Easy and safe payment

  • In a world in which E-Commerce is spreading rapidly and continuously, Genial Motor offers differet solutions for orders payment, with the most advanced security systems to protect them.

    • Credit Card
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • PayPal
    • Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Bank Transfer
    • Local Pick-up

  • Credit Card
  • It is possible to pay by credit card and digital wallet, thanks to services offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft through all main international circuits like Visa, Maestro and American Express. To plase a payment directly with a credit card, it is sufficient to indicate manually card number, exire date and CVV number in the appropriate fields of the website. User personal data are never shared in any way and are constantly protected by 3D Secure system, one of the most reliable security systems worldwide

  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay is the digital wallet dedicated to the ones who own an Apple device; compatible with the most international standards and capable to manage credit and debit cards of almos all banks, it works through Touch ID or Face ID to guarantee uniqueness in authentication and more security in payments. At the same time, payments details such as shipment and invoicing are inputed directly at the moment of purchase, without needing to input them with every purchase.

  • Google Pay
  • Google Pay is a service explicitly thought for Google users, compatible with every credit and debit circuit worldwide and also usable through the appropriate app for Android. Usable in-app or on the web, it allows to make safe purchases thanks to Google security facilities; moreover, all bank's original services like propretary protections are still available, to not lose every aspect of your services.

  • PayPal:
  • PayPal is the most appreciated and used platform for online payments, offering complete safeguard to their customers; it is possible to link own bank account or credit card for quick and safe payments.
    Choosing PayPal payment at the moment of purchase, a page will pop up to address you to PayPal, from which you will be able to to provide shipment data or confirm the existing ones. Personal data (like account or credit card number) will not be shared with Genial Motor. Every payment will be paired with a transaction number which you can refer toin case it is needed.
    In case of cancelation or refused order (incorrect or invalid address), refund will be issued throuhg PayPal with following refund times:
    • PayPal funds: immediate
    • Credit Card/Account through PayPal: 3/5 business days
  • For security reasons related to controversies or unforeseen events during order praparation and shipment, Genial Motor is boundm according to regulation, to ship ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to shipment address that has been indicated at the moment of payment. Modification reqests which will come after payment will be denied for the above reasons. Upon written communications, some little modifications are still possible.

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    • Question: I made a mistake, can you ship to house number 23 instead of 22?
      Answer: Yes, this modification is possible.
    • Q: I put by mistake my old address, but i moved in another street in the same town, is it possible to change the address?
      A: no, it is not possible since the address will not be anymore the indicated one.
    • Q: Is it possible to add the name of another person as reference?
      A: Yes, it is possible to add another reference name.
    • Q: Is it possiblel to ship to a person who is different from the one in the order summary?
      A: no, Shipment has to be addressed to the same person whose name is in order summary.
    • Q: Is it possible to add a reference for the courier (in example "C/O Pet shop")?
      A: Yes, it is possible to add an additional reference for the courier to ease delivery.

  • Possible delays in phase or refund are due to technical times for payment management and are notin Genial Motor responsibility. However it is possible to contact both PayPal and Genial Motor customer service by dedicated means of contact.

  • Anticipated Bank Trasnsfer:
  • With Banking transfer it is possible to transfer funds from your bank account to Genial Motor's one through IBAN, both in your local bank office of via Home Banking. Genial Motor IBAN and transfer data are visible in the cart page and they show up when "bank transfer" is chosen as payment method, here below for your reference:
    • Name: Genial Motor s.r.l.
    • Bank: Unicredit
    • IBAN: IT91Q0200813308000105549867
  • Usually payments made with bank transfer are received in 24/48 hours (this time may be longer if order comes from a UE country). Order will be processed from confirmed payment reception, hence orders for which payment is not received after 15 days will be automatically canceled. Please always indicate in payment reason customer's name, number and date of your order. Sending a copy of your payment receipt may accelerate payment reception operations. For transfers coming outside European Union, transfer fees are always in charge at the customer.

  • Cash On Delivery (COD):
  • It is possible (only for destinations in Italy) payment on delivery to the courier, only for orders from 79 euros up to 999.99 euros. Payment is only accepted cash to the driver at the moment of delivery. It is expected, for this kind of payment, a supplement which will be counted at the moment of the order and which represents a tariff for COD service.

  • Local Pick-up:
  • For those who want to, it is possible to reserve a product and pick it up from our warehouse as soon as the item will be ready. Once the customer will comme to pick up the package, it will be possible to complete payment cash or ATM/credit card. In compliance with anti-Covid measures, it is mandatory to wear a personal protection device (mask o equivalent), while Genial Motor will provide hands sanitizing gel.


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