Exhaust Hp Corse Hydrotre Ci Mv Agusta Turismo Veloce 2012 > 2015

Product Code: MV3HY1008-9SCP-A
Condition: A brand-new, unused
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Exhaust Hp Corse Hydrotre CI Mv Agusta Turismo Veloce 2012 > 2015

Product Code: MV3HY1008-9SCP-A

Note: Exhaust HydroTre - Finish: Satin - Cover Satin - Laser engraved logo - Exhaust Noise emissions approved - Not Remove Original Catalyst- Directive Approval 97/24/CE-2006/120/CE cap.9 - DBK Extractable - Certificate of homologation - Weight -20% (compared to Exhaust original MV)

  • Brand: MV AGUSTA
  • Years: 2012 > 2015
  • Condition: Brand New, Not Used
  • Product Description:Exhaust HydroTre Satin (with cover small in Steel Satin) MV AGUSTA TURISMO VELOCE (Exhaust approved according to the directive 97/24/CE-2006/120/CE cap.9)
HPCORSE is an Italian company that since 1993 is able to create excitement and innovation in the field of special motorbike exhausts, creating, since ever, unique products appreciated all over the world. Steelform of Udine, since 1978 world leader in metal working and deformation, under license and design HP Corse, realizes all the parts of the various exhaust components, starting from the processing of raw material (the pipes used are not commercial but internally profiled) up when the finished product is reached. HP CORSE is the beating heart, the place where new models are born, where ideas and projects will take shape becoming prototypes and, thanks to STEELFORM, reality. EVOXTREME, HYDROTRE, GP-07, 4-TRACK and others will soon be added to the "HYDROFORM" exhaust. Complete systems and special manifolds. A union between HP CORSE and STEELFORM, which was created following the footsteps of a great success called HYDROFORM and promises to become a model of absolute development in the world of special exhausts entirely handmade in Italy.

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