Healtech Quick Shifter Module + Harness Kit Ktm Exc 500 / Six Days 2012 > 2020

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Product Code: HT-IQSE-1 + HT-QSH-F1E
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HEALTECH Quick Shifter Module + Harness Kit KTM EXC 500 / SIX DAYS 2012 > 2020

Product Code: HT-IQSE-1+HT-QSH-F1E

- IQSE-1 - TCI ignition - not to be used on CDI ignition

  • Brand: HEALTECH
  • Model: EXC 500 / SIX DAYS
  • Displacement: 510
  • Years: 2012 > 2020
  • Ignition: TCI
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Compatibility Devices: [ iOS Devices ]
    • All phones and tablets that use Ios 8.1 or later.
      "Made for Iphone" and "Made for Ipad" mean an electronic accessory that has been designed to connect specifically to Iphone or Ipad, respectively,
      and has been Certified by the Developer to Meet Apple's Performance Standards. Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch are Registered Trademarks of Apple Inc.
      in the United States. and other countries.
  • Compatibility Devices: [ Android Devices ]
    • - All phones and tablets running ANDROID 2.3 or later ...
  • Dimensions and Weight: 50 x 60 x 17 mm (1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 Inches) - 47 grams (1.65 OZ)
With iQSE gearboxes without full throttle clutch are not only quick but also easy. Now you can change like a pro!
The quick change cuts the ignition when you start moving the gear lever.
The gearbox is discharged, allowing you to change gears without closing the accelerator.
When the spark returns, you are already in the next gear: no hassle, no technical problems, no waste of time.
The iQSE is not only chosen by the pilots, but also by more and more street bikers because of the simple installation and the affordable price.
For road bikers the advantage is better control and comfort, and to put it simply, MORE FUN!
It really makes all the motorcycles more fun to ride, including classic and touring ones.

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